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Wireless Internet a Great Way to Extra Profits

You might think that the outdoor world of campsites and holiday parks is one where people do not want to be connected to the Internet, but this couldn’t be further away from the truth. With IPads, tablets and, of course, the laptop being so much a part of our lives, internet access is a key factor in many people’s decision as to where to book.

Wireless Internet attracts customers - it is a big plus in the choice of where to stay. Secondly, with the right system, you can charge for access and bring in valuable revenues as well as having more happy customers. People are willing to pay for such a convenient service.

TrafficMate - with its wireless system, it is ideal for large area coverage. Easily reach across your Holiday Park Caravan Park or Campsite – even the largest of areas can be covered.

Offer season passes or vouchers; TrafficMate is flexible, giving you a hassle free service that works day after day.

Revenue Sharing – with TrafficMate you don’t have to share – it’s all yours!TrafficMate – we don’t charge any commissions, or take any share of your revenue, as we believe that’s yours. Compare to most other providers and you will soon see they take a big share of your revenue, up to 70%. We don’t believe that is fair so we just charge a simple low monthly fee and you keep all the revenue.

Flexible Charging

TrafficMate lets you configure your customer charging anyway you want; for example give a little away free, and then charge for more. Charge to a user account and set tariffs for different users – it is all possible. But don’t think this is complicated.  Just a few clicks sets the tariffs or use our pre-programmed suggested rates.


What’s right for you?

We know that budgets these days are under pressure and with TrafficMate you get a set up that is just right for you – whatever your size. TrafficMate is scalable and can be expanded at any time as your business demands.


Flexible Approach

With TrafficMate you get a set up that is just right for you – whatever your size. Our unique ‘plug and play’ approach means you can even install the system yourself or, if you prefer, we can do it for you.

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