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maxxton-logoIt has been a great year for staycations in the UK, thanks to a warm summer and April’s rise in Airport Duty Tax, which has kept holiday makers nearer to home.

Holiday parks are often the perfect solution for British families looking for greater freedom and value for money than a hotel-based break. In fact, holiday parks are now offering a wider choice than ever of options for holiday-makers and guests are becoming more discerning and choosy about what they want from their stay.

It can be difficult for staff to keep up with individual requests from guests, but they do make all the difference when it comes to making a holiday into something special. It is all too easy for staff to take down a booking alteration on a scrap of paper with the best of intentions but for it to then become lost or forgotten before the guests arrive.Use on Maxxton copy

In order to avoid disappointment, an automated booking process will ensure that any changes or special requests are noted on the customers’ file, so nothing gets overlooked. The system works alongside the online booking system to ensure that customers get everything they want, while your staff are freed up to concentrate on offering guests the best possible on-site experience when they arrive.

When customers feel that their needs have been met and their requests accommodated, they will go home happy and chances are they will return again.

For more bookings, lower costs and the chance to free your staff up from costly admin, contact the sales team at Maxxton today – the experts in automated booking systems for holiday parks.

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September 9, 2014


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