Don’t let leaks drain your profits

Graham Mann Water Audit Expert

With water charges continuously rising, now is the time to tackle leaks around the holiday park. By taking control of the situation, you could find that you save up to 50 per cent on water costs, which is far from a drop in the ocean!

The importance of auditing water costs cannot be emphasized strongly enough, and yet a vast amount of businesses in the UK simply do not realise that their water and sewerage charges are draining their profits and some of the figures I see are quite staggering.

In my 30 years’ experience in the water-cost reduction industry, businesses that take control of their water infrastructure will quite often make cost reductions of between 20% and 50%, what would that percentage saving make to your business?

In order to answer that question, you will need to know what your total annual costs are. When speaking to a potential client, I often hear, “We are on budget year on year and if we had a leak we would see a sharp increase in volume and charges.” I am afraid that is simply wrong.

Our water audit experts are identifying water losses that have been going on undetected for years, in the case of underground water leaks for example, 90% of them do not show on the surface, as they are hidden below ground. Parks can also waste vast volumes of water through faulty W.C ball valves, broken taps and leaking isolation valves. It is well worth periodic checks to ensure that your above-ground site water fittings are well maintained and not leaking.


Useful tips:

  • If you have a site shower block consider installing low flow showers at 8 litres per minute flow rate, push down taps which are the kind of taps you have to depress down to operate as often taps are left running.
  • Check the levels on the W.C. cisterns and ensure the ball float inside the cistern is in good working order and not overflowing.


How to check for potential water leaks.

The best time to check your water meters is the early hours of the morning. If any of the water meters are registering non-stop constant flow, then it is highly likely you are losing water.

Take 15-minute readings from 1am until 4.30am and you can calculate the constant hourly volume.

The very best investment you can make to identify water losses and monitor water flow remotely from the internet, is a water flow data logger. It is a device that is fitted to the water company meters and it transmits a pulse from the water meter to a web-based data platform. The device is set up to record flow through the water meter every 15 minutes, this then produces a graph of daily and overnight water flow.

The prime time to complete a water audit of the flow data is between 12am and 5am known in the water audit industry as the nightline. This data can then be analysed and water leakage volumes calculated and so the financial impact of the water losses can be calculated.

It is a fact that I have never had a situation where a water flow data logger has been installed to a leisure park and no water loses identified! So, if you would like to make sure that none of your profits are simply going down the drain, take control now. After all, the next time the charges go up will be April 1, 2015, so you would be a fool not to!


Author Graham Mann Water Audit Expert

September 9, 2014


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