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Glamping, luxurious and boutique camping, or whatever you prefer to call it, can be defined in one way: it’s all about camping, but it’s also all about smoothing the edges of roughing it. Now it has also become a great way for businesses to diversify into the tourism and leisure industries.

Many people try camping once or twice but are put off by the lack of facilities, tired looking accommodation, creepy crawlies or leaking tents, so they return home disappointed and devoid of motivation to ever return again.

But this does not remove the inherent desire most people have to stay in our great outdoors, soaking up the atmosphere and absorbing the fresh air.

As humans we would not have spread across the globe if we hadn’t been compelled to travel from place to place. As a result, we became travellers, adventurers and campers to survive, and it seems we’ve held onto this inherent need and desire.

Added to this is the fact that vacation choices aren’t what they used to be. Terrorist threats, delays and costly overheated hotels have become tedious, with very little about the experience that doesn’t cost the earth… literally.

As a result, glamping has started to attract a completely new customer base to the hospitality and tourist industry, and it includes those who may never have visited a campsite before. With this and the associated extension of the glamping season (due to woodburning stoves and all season beds) this brings more earning potential to existing and new outdoor businesses.

“Farms which have diversified into tourism can achieve extra incomes of about £21,000 a year.” Phil Bicknell, National Farmers Union

This also means that holidaymakers can get away more frequently with the family, for longer stays and without the need for a perfect weather window. This is good for holidaymakers and good for the outdoor industry, particularly in the UK! As a result glamping is really catching on for campsites that have never offered it before, as well as new campsites opening up.

“Glamping absolutely has become the latest thing for people to get into.” Deborah Meadon, Leisure And Retail Specialist, Dragons Den

It isn’t just about getting away for a time to be closer to nature and under the stars, it is also about visiting hospitality venues that are equipped to give their guests a unique, organic and often quirky British experience in an inspiringly artisan and homely way.

So, if you are a campsite or holiday park owner, farmer or private landowner, ask yourself this: Are you making the most of this new glamping trend, which could help you diversify your income and secure your future? If not, you certainly should be.



Sarah Riley Inspired Camping

Article written by Sarah Riley Inspired Courses for Glamping

Sarah Riley is the Founder of, Consultant and Trainer. She has recently launched The Ultimate Glamping Business Guide to help new and existing businesses make the most of the glamping trend.

The Guide offers everything from options available, the set up process, launch plan, market statistics, business planning, marketing, photography, website optimisation, environmental issues, site maintenance and event management. It also includes an entire social media course, which is essential for creating a buzz about your new project from the beginning. You can find out more about the course at

September 9, 2014


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