Go wild on Twitter, David Bellamy urges park visitors

Rare birds and a host of other wildlife will be taking to Twitter this summer as part of a new initiative by the David Bellamy Conservation Awards scheme.
Holidaymakers staying on the 500-plus winning parks are being invited to spread news about their sightings on a new Twitter account (@BellamyParks). Professor Bellamy hopes the feedback will provide an “informal audit” of the range of species to which holiday parks are currently playing host. “Thousands of families will be staying on awarded parks this year,” said Rufus Bellamy, son of the world-famous botanist and a wildlife adviser to parks taking part in the scheme. “We hope that many will act as our unofficial nature wardens in spotting both animals and plants which they come across, and taking a quick photograph.”
“Some pictures may be of familiar species, whilst other users of the Twitter account may be able to help put a name to less common flora or fauna.”
“We hope park managers and staff will also take part, and it would be great if this helped to create an interactive platform for sharing experiences and making new discoveries. At the same time, it will also help us as scheme organisers to get a broad snapshot of park-based wildlife activity to be seen across the country,” said Rufus.
The David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme, deigned to highlight exceptional efforts by parks to protect the natural world, is now in its eighteenth year. Rufus says he hopes that the new Twitter account will also encourage children to get more closely involved with the natural world by Tweeting their own sightings.

February 26, 2015


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