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Glamping is a combination of the words glamour and camping, used to define a type of camping for people that enjoy nature but want to add comfort that luxurious amenities can provide, to simple accommodations.

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There are thousands of Glamping Sites around the world, varying from yurts to tipis and luxury canvas tents. The wide variety of these types of accommodations and prices makes glamping more than a trend, but accessible and used by people all around the world. In addition, glamping isecologicalpet-friendly, stimulates contact with nature and will often be accompanied by activities such as mountain biking, hiking, climbing and snowboarding.

Over the past few years, some of the best areas in the world for glamping can be found in the UK, Canada and Africa, but new sites are starting up all over the world, so as the trend develops and grows, these countries will be competing to be the go-to glamping market that will dominate in the years to come.

The glamping trend popped up a few years ago and has really taken a hold of countless outdoor enthusiasts.

Glamping is used to define a type of camping for people that enjoy nature, but do not want to give up the comfort and amenities of luxury accommodation.

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The other aspect that makes glamping really attractive to some people, is the fact that its a greener way to enjoy luxury. This is because the accommodation is simply a tent, with a bed inside and there is very little carbon output. In terms of planning this as a holiday, glamping can be a great alternative for a romantic getaway, a fun weekend with your girlfriends or even a trip for the family. Although not all glampsites have multiple rooms, you can find some that will suit your needs and create a vacation that you will never forget. For more tips and ideas in planning your glamping holiday.

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If you are wanting to start up a Glamping  Site or a  ‘Glampsite’ here is a little info from a company that has succeeded.

They are also a distributor For Safari Tents

Safari Tents & Other Glamping Units

For a non-agricultural green field site, you will need planning in the same way as you would for any camping site. For agricultural land you would need to apply for change of use in addition to the normal planning required to put up new buildings for toilet blocks etc. You can get round this by going down the camping and caravan route of a members only site, which gives you up to 5 pitches. The Caravan and Camping Club web site has a full description of what they expect and how to establish a small site in this way.

Clear Sky Safari Tents

You can put up the tents within the curtilage of a house (unlisted) and you won’t need planning. This is a workable solution for a small site and allows the owners to try out the business before fully committing. Planning does like people who have worked the business before, and are expanding rather than just asking for a fully established site from the outset.

You can put tents up for 28 days in any year without planning, but you would need to remove them and the bases at the end of this period. This is best suited for bell tents and the like and again can give the owners a chance to establish the business before fully commiting.

The bottom line is bearing in mind the level of investment required for a successful site, it is always best to speak to the planners, especially in areas where they are encouraging tourism, which is many areas these days. However, this is a fairly new business area, and does confuse planners who have not seen it before, but if you agree to take them down over the winter, limit the numbers, and push the tourism aspect of the business, they will normally give permission, but it can take time.

While it is a government target for planning to be dealt with in 8 weeks, in reality, this usually means a response from the planners in 8 weeks, and they will often use this ploy to delay permission, so be persistent. It sometimes feels as if they are looking for people who are serious by putting up barriers, and waiting to see who falls at the first. (A favorite is a Newt survey, which takes a long time as it can only be carried out at certain times of the year, this despite the fact that the newt is not endangered in this country, it is France that has the problem!)

We know of several applications that have taken well over a year when special circumstances have affected things such as area of outstanding natural beauty or rare newts….
I would also point out that many areas provide grants for development such as this, so again with proper planning in place you can take advantage of this free source of income.

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Bell Tents:

This is slightly different, as you can pitch and break down very quickly, and as long as you have the space, you can take advantage of the 28 day rule by moving the tents every 28 days at least 400m away from their original location. However, again, you will need to look at toilets, water supply etc. and again with the investment required, talk to the planners first. (Note: the 400m is advised and not a rule as such.

by Mark Scott

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Clear Sky Safari Tents and Bell Tents


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