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Mediatheme Touch Screen Entertainment

  • Mediatheme Touch Screen Entertainment

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Mediatheme Touch Screen Entertainment

Mediatheme™ started out in 2002, and over the last dozen years has grown to be the UK’s leading provider of touch screen entertainment. We have an office centrally located in Oakham, Leicestershire.

With a long heritage in the entertainment sector, and a team seasoned in the music and entertainment industry, we are able to reach for the very top of our game, and to provide reliable, professional, and FUN products and services for our customers.

John Flack is Head of Entertainment for Park Holidays UK

Park Holidays UK looked closely at several systems before investing into The Entertainer™; this system is now installed in all 25 of our parks. The Entertainer™ helps us promote our entertainment package in a professional way, and the Mediatheme™ team that support the system offer our staff excellent service: everything from technical back up to creating new and exciting ways of taking our entertainment offer forward.

We feel that our investment has proved to be a valuable asset and look forward to the future development of the product.

Carl Smith from Pontins Camber Sands Holiday Park

“We use our Entertainer for absolutely everything, we love it! I only wish we had three of them! We use it a lot for karaoke, and of course all the games for both adults and children. In the evening, we can provide grown up guests with back ground music and play lists, but also with hilarious silly games. Everyone lets their hair down and has a really good time.

It’s great fun, and it’s been a great help. Without it, we’d have different units for all our events, and be carrying around cases of CDs.

We also love the Advert Manager, and use it for everything. We advertise all our events and fun games, as well as the football matches we show in the evenings.

Steve Dixon from Ord House Country Park in Berwick.

Nestled in the beautiful grounds of a striking 17th century Berwick manor house, Ord House Country Park is an award-winning holiday centre with over 400 caravans on site.  Owner Steve Dixon is kept busy providing entertainment for the many thousands of tourists he accommodates each year, as well as managing a steady calendar of events for local customers.  Steve uses his Entertainer™, to provide most of the entertainment in his venue.

Ord Park is ideally located near to Northumberland’s striking coastline, and the stunning setting, coupled with Steve’s state of the art entertainment systems, provides holiday makers and regulars with an unforgettable experience.
Steve’s venue is split into three separate rooms, each containing a feed from the Entertainer Pro™ and high tech audio visual equipment – and each able to create a distinctive atmosphere.
“It’s ideal because I am able to give my customers what they need,” said Steve.
“I can set the Entertainer™ to play 50s music for a party of pensioners in one room, while a group of lads is watching sport in another”.

Steve has held some excellent charity race nights, games nights and children’s mini-discos over the last year, and stages a popular karaoke disco every Saturday night, but he uses the Entertainer’s™ comprehensive music programs and advertising suite every single day.  “It’s a great piece of kit, and so handy,” he said.  “We’ve purpose built a DJ booth for the Entertainer™, with disco lights and all the gear, but you can just set it up for the night and let it run itself.”
The staff have their own favourite play lists, and there are ‘Essential Sunday’ and ‘Disco Night’ compilations ready to go at the touch of a button.

Steve makes the most of the Advert Manager and the new backgrounds he receives on his update discs each month.  As well as promoting his own forthcoming events, menus and specials, he is also set to start charging local business for displaying their advertisements, after running free trials.

The venture has also proved a financially sound decision for Steve, who reckons the system “more than pays for itself”.
“I used to spend around £200 a week on DJs, and £350 just for New Year’s Eve,” he said.

“We had a superb New Year with the Entertainer™ last year though, with a full night of games and then a disco – it was a cracking party!”

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