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 Cameleo is a whole new concept in playground design, specially designed to adapt to all types of site and environment. Cameleo comes in 9 varieties to fulfil the dreams of all 2 to 8-year olds!

 Cameleo offers a choice of 9 different themes: Classic, Olympic, Rustic, Forestic, Fantastic, Cosmic, Historic, Aquatic, Romantic.

* patented systems, registered designs

 Play activities:

  • Children love to chop and change and they will love to become magicians, knights, cowboys, princesses or astronauts, living out crazy adventures in imaginary lands.
  • Cameleo consists of over 200 play components enabling you to put together a playground that takes account of your preferences, restrictions and budget.
  • And disabled children have not been forgotten, quite the opposite, with numerous activities catering for all children and a system of adapter kits.


  • exclusive (patented) assembly system limiting the number of clamps needed on any structure
  • choice of stainless steel or aluminium frames
  • choice of 3 types of material for the panels, roofs, slides, bridges:
    - HPL (solid, through-dyed laminate panels)
    - roto-moulded polyethylene
    - metal (stainless steel or galvanised, lacquered steel)
  • choice of 5 colour schemes
  • well designed ergonomics
  • very high level of safety
  • exceptional 10-year warranty

Play equipment Piccolo (2-6 years)


Piccolo play equipment is designed around a (patented) system of sturdy single post platforms providing good visibility and plenty of space at ground level for young children.

* patented systems, registered designs


Play activities:

Piccolo offers over 50 play activities grouped in 10 categories:
shelter – clambering – crossing - climbing – sliding – balancing – exchanging – hiding - handling


  • exclusive patented system of single post platforms
  • all-stainless steel frame
  • 2 versions of roofs and slides, roto-moulded polyethylene or HPL
  • choice of 3 colour schemes
  • very high level of safety
  • galvanised, lacquered steel floors
  • high-resistance HPL panels (solid, through-dyed laminate)
  • exclusive, patented assembly systems
  • exceptional 10-year warranty

Play equipment Magic'Olor (2-8 years)

 The new Magic'color range has everything you need to attract and engage children aged 2 to 8 and over.Magic'color means super opportunities for role play for kids who love adventure and magic, and they will love being pilots, firemen or junior pirates!
Magic'color means plenty of activities to get children outside and active, stimulating their physical development.
With Magic'color, HUSSON International's designers set out to create play settings that are as attractive to children as they are to adults!
And so Magic'color play equipment provides a place for discovery, exchanges, fun, freedom and imagination.

* patented systems, registered designs

 Play activities:

  • themed games to give full rein to their imagination
  • physical games to encourage them to do sport
  • thrilling games to make them bolder
  • games to encourage children to play together



  • A unique concept:
    - compact, but lots of variety
    - play equipment supplied ready assembled
  • High quality:
    - 100% stainless steel frame
    - HPL (high pressure laminate) panels and floors
    - 10-year warranty
  • Safety:
    Magic'color play equipment meets the new European standards and has been tested by 2 independent accredited laboratories (TÜV and Pourquery)
  • The environment: the materials and treatments used are ecologically inert and all the materials used are recyclable.

Street Furniture & Seating

It is constant concern of planners' to make the most of every public space: each square, each street, each park has to contribute to the construction of a pleasant, convivial living space for each and every citizen. Architects create public spaces that are ever more tuned to local needs, and nothing about their design is left to chance. Each decision, each pencil line on the plan is there for a purpose.

It is with these demanding requirements in mind that we are constantly striving to innovate and to offer coordinated, global solutions.
Thus, HUSSON International offers designers and planners:

  • a complete street furniture programme: benches, flower tubs, litter bins and safety equipment…
  • elegant lines for harmonious and lasting integration in the most varied environments;
  • cross-range solutions, thanks to a unique choice of finishes, materials and colours;
  • made-to-measure solutions tailored for you by our own design office on powerful modelling, prototyping and integration tools.


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