Simon Tullett Machinery Open Days 2014

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STM decided to opt for a Road Show this year, with a series of Open Days at eight venues in Scotland, England and Wales. STM operate a nationwide dealership network, so area managers, dealers, existing customers and prospectives were able to see a whole range of machinery, plus seeing demonstrations and having the opportunity to try the machines for themselves.

Attendance was very encouraging, and the interest was spread across the entire range of machinery, from the SCAG SWZ standard walk-behind, through a range of SCAG and Wisconsin Engineering ride-ons from 48” to 61”, the SCAG Giant-Vac vacuums and blowers and also the highly acclaimed “RoboFlail” remote control mowers. This range has now been extended to five, and, indeed, the latest model, the RoboFlail Mini, had a direct sale as a result.

Another machine receiving a high level of interest was the SCAG “V-Ride”. This is a stand-on mower that can be easily switched to use as a pedestrian – giving the advantages of working in tight or tricky areas, but with the option for increased operator comfort standing-on for larger mowing areas.

But where these days can really score is when, as happened in Wales, STM are able to solve a grass maintenance problem for someone there and then. As a result of this solution, involving Humus rear-mounted 40HP tractor flails, three other similarly affected Councils have taken on the idea of using this equipment.

For a company committed to the concept of machinery demonstrations and potential customer hands-on trials, these Open Days to targetted regional audiences are proving to be a great concept, and, certainly for 2014, a great success.

Machines are available for demonstration through the STM dealership network. To find your nearest dealer ring 01789 488450, email or look at our website

October 2, 2014


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