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There’s an old saying quoted by motor mogul Henry Ford: ‘chop your own wood and it will warm you twice’.  It’s true to say that logsplitting using an axe or a splitting wedge and sledgehammer will keep you warm but you run the risk of 2lb of metal hurtling towards your shin or injuring nearby persons. The safer alternative is the Wessex Country LS-100 logsplitter, which easily hitches to any tractors three point linkage. This British-built logsplitter actually turns a boring, back-breaking and time-consuming chore into an enjoyable task, with up to 10 ton of hydraulic splitting force doing the work for you. It will effortlessly handle logs up to 18”/450mm in height, with its strong and simple design powering through the wood. A floor-level bed makes loading logs onto the splitter safe and easy, while the two-handed operation satisfies the health and safety requirements. So, investing in the Wessex Country LS-100 logsplitter is not a hard decision to make, and you can still take a leaf out of Mr. Ford’s quote by warming to the task and enjoying the warmth of the open log fire. Broadwood International  01420 478111


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