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A Swimming pool is an expensive but valuable assets, it makes sense to enable them to be used earlier and later in the season or throughout the year.

The fact that the “Great British Summer” has failed to make an appearance for the last few years makes putting them under cover them even more important.

A pool is undoubtedly the campsites major attraction and is even more so if the pool is enclosed. When it comes to booking one of the questions most often asked of campsites is whether or not they have a covered pool.

For camping enthusiasts who are naturally more inclined to put up with the vagaries of the weather, it’s reassuring to choose an establishment with a covered pool. It means guaranteed swimming whatever the weather. It’s even more important for families, for whom it’s essential to have activities to keep the children occupied. A pool enclosure is also a strong argument in favour of off-season holidays.

For any holiday park or campsite, a covered pool is a major source of attracting new customers and encouraging them to return in future years. With an enclosure an average 20% + increase in the occupancy rate was recorded by a French campsite survey.

Lower financial investment less than 20% of a brick and mortar building

Very importantly a pool building will-

-    Take control of the weather – wind, rain and cold.

-    Ensure no cancellations due to bad weather.

-    Guarantee your daily timetable.

-    Provide safety. Access to the pool is controlled. It is inaccessible outside of opening and supervision times.

-    Reduce costs of heating, Even on dull days solar gain through the roof will provide free heat to the interior.

-   Reduce costs of cleaning, chemical usage and general maintenance

Although Arch enclosures supplies enclosures from 5m wide we are known for our larger enclosures up to 25m wide (16ft – 82ft) and any length. To accommodate these larger widths we have five different structural arch designs.

A great feature of an Arch enclosure is the special side panel between the arches which are sliding windows. These windows give you three opening and ventilation options; fully open 2m x 2m, half open 2m x 1m or a ventilation slot (in the middle) of 10cm x 2m wide.

The windows are made up in two sections. This allows the top half to be opened separately to assist ventilation whilst keeping the lower half in situ to ensure small children and pets are kept away from the water. When both sections of the side panels are opened up, they slide open to a height of 2 meters, allowing easy access to the surrounding areas.

The factory 10 year guarantee underpins its reliability and resistance to external constraints (wind, snow…).

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