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Word is Spreading

Word is Spreading

When a product offers proven reliability in the most demanding environments, word gets around. Such is the popularity of the SnowEx V-Maxx salt and grit spreaders with local authorities, highway maintenance contractors and commercial applications, across the UK and Europe. SnowEx spreaders are deemed to be the professional choice, designed and manufactured to perform in the harshest of environments, with tough, in-cab control units. You only have to look at them operating to see they are they are built to uncompromising standards.

The V-Maxx range offers some unique features, such as the hopper design that spreads 100% salt to 100% bulk sand. The drive system has maximum torque transmission with a hardened steel worm and bronze gear, so there are no chains, pulleys, drive belts or sprockets to break or wear. There is a quick-connect spinner assembly that allows use of the tow bar hitch when the spreader is not in service. Mounting onto a commercial vehicle or the optional VMT-250 trailer is secured with a heavy-duty ratchet strap and adjustable rail mount system.

All SnowEx vehicle spreaders feature a 12V DC drive motor mounted in a water-tight enclosure and the hopper is UV protected high density polyethylene in safety yellow, with zero corrosion and reduced weight. The tough modular steel frame is finished in electrostatic powder coating for a durable working life. A patented, multi angled hopper allows effective flow of material and the inverted ‘V’ salt/sand baffle and attached vibrator is adjustable for a continuous flow. A fitted tarpaulin hopper cover tops everything off.

Currently there are four models ranging from the V-Maxx SP-7550, with a 1200 litre capacity hopper for use with a commercial vehicle or the optional trailer, to the flagship spreader, the SP-9500 with its vast 3200 litre hopper, ideal for use on a small flatbed lorry.

Another Snow Ex feature worth looking into is the Salt-Traxx product that records spreading details, measuring how much de-icing material is used. It also records date, time and stop/start information for efficient management. Broadwood International  01420 478111

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